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The Pearl Pack

The Pearl Pack

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Aura-Haldi Chandan Face Pack
Haldi and Chandan are two elements which contribute greatly to an array of Ayurvedic skin treatments. Helps in removing dead skin cells & Leaves the skin glowing and nourished

Nora- Haldi Chandan Face Scrub
The Haldi Chandan face scrub is your companion to bring timeless glow and goodness to your skin. Nora boasts of anti-ageing properties, bringing long-lasting finesse to the skin. The exfoliating scrub has a mildly granular composition which makes it easy to remove dirt and maintain the natural skin glow.

Rose Water Toner Spray
Our rose water toner helps rejuvenate the skin, maintaining its youthful and hydrated appearance. Our rose water toner for face helps reduce pores and prevents acne breakouts. Rose Blush’s quality and effectiveness on your skin are there to protect you.

Aster- Thi Golden jojoba oil
Golden oil extracted organically from the seeds of jojoba nut. It is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, which greatly protect the skin, and impart immense radiance and glow.
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