Collection: Jojoba Oil

At Me and Earth, essential oils are crafted with 100% natural ingredients and have no added chemicals. Essential oils are versatile and the most effective form of any natural substance that goes beyond the upper surface of your skin and gives a magical outcome. If you are looking for a 360° complete skincare product, choose essential oils by Me and Earth that are completely organic and absolutely skin-friendly. Aster and Myra are two beautiful blends offered by Me and Earth; Myra is a Jojoba – nutmeg oil made with pure jojoba oil and nutmeg extracts, and Aster is an organic golden jojoba oil made from only jojoba seeds.

Benefits of Using Jojoba Essential Oil

Me and Earth’s essential oils are multi-purpose oil that contains natural extracts of various natural ingredients and helps in your holistic skincare routine. Here are some benefits of using skin care essential oils-

  • Prevent hyperpigmentation and discolouration – Me and Earth’s Myra contains pure nutmeg extracts and jojoba oil that prevent hyperpigmentation and discolouration-related skin problems.
  • Promotes even skin tone - Pure jojoba essential oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants that boost your skin health and help to maintain even skin tone naturally
  • Helps to heal inflammation – Jojoba oil and nutmeg both contain anti-inflammatory properties and regular use of jojoba-nutmeg oil helps to reduce inflammation-related skin problems.
  • Glowing skin – Using jojoba essential oil helps to increase your skin glow by profoundly nourishing it from the core. Also, regular essential oil brings extensive glow and a radiant look naturally.
  • Excellent for hair – You can also use pure jojoba essential oil for your hair. It boosts the volume and strength of your hair, and you get lustrous hair with regular use.
  • Excellent as beard oil/styler - Me and Earth’s multi-purpose oil made with golden jojoba oil is also great as beard hair oil and hairstyler that helps you keep your beard hair shiny and set all day.


1. Which is the best anti-pigmentation oil?

Me and Earth’s Myra is a unique blend of jojoba oil and nutmeg extracts that helps to prevent hyper pigmentation and discoloration and promote even skin tone naturally. This jojoba and nutmeg essential oilis an excellent anti-pigmentation oil; however, you must use it regularly for the best results.

2. How to use essential oils?

Using essential or organic oils is easy and hassle-free, and the application primarily depends on the container type. If you have a roll-on, use it on your face or the affected areas by rolling the head up and down gently, or if you have a dropper, put a few drops on your skin and massage lightly until your skin absorbs it completely.

3. Is jojoba essential oil good for the skin?

Jojoba is a powerful medicinal plant with plenty of benefits, including skin care. Jojoba essential oil uses bulk jojoba oil or extracts and is a great product to add to your skincare routine to get flawless radiant skin.

4. Are essential oils safe for the skin?

Me and Earth’s essential oils, Myra and Aster, are made with 100% natural ingredients and zero chemicals. They are mild on your skin and suitable for all skin types. However, do a patch test before you use the essential oil in your skincare routine.