Collection: Face Pack & Scrub

Me and Earth Face Packs

Most skincare routines are limited to face wash and face cream. While the cream and wash are essential for your face care, you must include other products, like a face pack, to pamper your delicate skin and get more effective results. We at Me and Earth provide 100% natural and holistic skincare products that help deeply nourish your skin and prevent various skin problems. Our face pack with jojoba oil, charcoal, Chandan, and Haldi do not contain any harmful chemicals. Our face packs are mild on your skin and deeply cleanse it without making it rough and dry.

Me and Earth offers two naturally rich face packs for glowing skin – Aura (made with an ayurvedic combo of Haldi and Chandan) and Cara (with activated charcoal).

Why use Me and Earth face packs?

Me and Earth’s face pack for instant glow – Aura and Cara are made with natural ingredients and have multiple benefits for your skin. Here are some reasons why you must choose our face packs –

  • Natural ingredients –
    Me and Earth’s face packs are made of pure and natural ingredients like Haldi and Chandan, charcoal, and Jojoba oil that benefit your skin. Activated charcoal deeply cleanses your skin, Haldi Chandan makes your skin glow and prevents skin problems, and jojoba oil nourishes the skin and brings back the radiant glow.
  • No added chemicals –
    Our Aura and Cara face packs do not contain any added chemicals or unnatural elements that can harm your skin. They are free of harmful side effects and safe for your skin.
  • Get instant glowing skin –
    The Aura face pack, for instance, glow contains Haldi and Chandan; both are beneficial for removing dead cells, de-tan skin, and bringing back your natural glow. Also, the Cara face packs deeply cleanse your skin, remove dead skin cells and help you get instant glowing skin.


1. How to use a face pack for glowing skin?
Me and Earth’s Aura and Cara face packs help you get your natural glow, and using them in your skincare routine is very easy. Put enough Aura/Cara face pack on your palm. Gently apply the pack on your face (leaving sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth). Then leave it for 30 minutes and rinse with clear water. Use light moisturizer and do not expose yourself to direct sunlight for these 30 minutes.

2. Are the face packs suitable for dry skin?
Me and Earth provides a face pack with 100% natural ingredients safe for all skin types. Also, they do not contain any added chemicals. However, always do the patch test before you apply.

3. Which face pack is best for de-stressing and detoxifying skin?
Me and Earth's face packs contain several natural ingredients that benefit your skin. They go deep inside the skin and help to heal tired, irritated, and dull skin. Whether you choose Aura or Cara, you will always have refreshing and glowing skin.

4. How to do a patch test before using the face pack?
Me and Earth’s face packs are 100% natural, but doing a patch test helps you to be sure they do not contain any natural allergens you are allergic to. To do the patch test, apply a small amount of the pack on your hand and wait a few seconds. And see if you face any irritation or itchiness.

Me and Earth Body and Face Scrub

Me and Earth's body and face scrub for glowing skin are 100% natural and give glowing, clear, smooth skin that feels like a feather. Usually, our skincare routine does not go beyond body wash, face wash, lotion and creams. However, you can obtain additional benefits when you opt for body and face scrubs. Our face and body’s skin must shed dead cells to stay soft, glowing and radiant. But the daily pollution, stress, oil residue or harsh weather interrupt the process and hide our natural glow. The body and face scrub for oily skin helps to remove dead skin cells and nourish the skin with vital nutrients and minerals. At Me and Earth, you can get body and face scrubs made with natural ingredients like Haldi, Chandan and activated charcoal. These natural ingredients help to deep within the skin and cleanse it from the core.

  • Benefits of using body and face scrubs
    The body and face scrubs at Me and Earth are 100% natural and give you various benefits when you incorporate them into your skincare routine. Here are some of the key benefits of using body and face scrubs.
  • Makes your skin smooth and soft –
    The main function of body and face scrubs is to cleanse out dry and dead skin and help to bring back glowing, supple and soft skin. Activated charcoal body scrub gently exfoliates dry skin from your body (especially knees and elbows), and you naturally get soft and smooth skin.
  • Prevent acne and other skin problems –
    Me and Earth’s face scrub with jojoba oil and other natural ingredients does not have any harsh side effects. Also, the natural ingredients used in the face and body scrub, like Haldi (turmeric) and charcoal, are anti-bacterial and helps to prevent various skin problems, including acne and pimple.
  • Detoxify and de-stress skin –
    Body and face scrub for dry skin not only cleans your skin and removes dead skin, but it also helps to detoxify and de-stress your skin by going deep within and nourishing it from the core.


1. Which is the best natural body scrub?
Me and Earth provides all-natural body and face scrubs made with pure and natural ingredients. You can try the Ebon–activated charcoal body scrub that gently removes dead skin cells and goes under the skin to nourish it from the core. It also helps to bring back naturally radiant and soft skin with every use.

2. How to use body and face scrubs?
Using body and face scrubs in your skincare routine is very easy. First, take a mild warm shower to open the pores of your skin. Then take enough of the scrub and gently rub it on your wet skin. Massage the scrub for 3-5 minutes and then rinse it off with clear water. Also, do not forget to moisturize after your bath to lock the softness inside.

3. What is the best scrub for the face?
At Me and Earth, you can get the natural body and face scrubs that help to remove dead skin and nourish your skin with essential nutrients. The Nora face scrub with jojoba oil, Haldi and Chandan, is excellent as a face scrub. It gently scrubs off dead skin cells, prevents skin problems and makes your skin supple and radiant for a long time.

Are body and face scrubs safe for the skin?
Body and face scrubs provided by Me and Earth are made with 100% natural ingredients and do not have any harsh side effects. However, when choosing any face or body scrub, read the ingredient list and cross-check if it contains any natural allergens you cannot withstand.