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NORA - The Haldi Chandan Face Scrub

NORA - The Haldi Chandan Face Scrub

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Remove Impurities with Haldi Chandan Face Scrub

Haldi and Chandan- two ingredients which are beautifully rich when together. They form an inexplicable bond, of which we have been a witness for ages. Whether it be the auspicious haldi ceremony before marriage; or when the temple priest smears the haldi chandan paste right across our foreheads before commencing a pooja.

Combining the richness of both, Nora: The Haldi Chandan face scrub is your companion to bring timeless glow and goodness to your skin.

 While Chandan is known for its cooling and healing properties, haldi forms a rich source of antioxidants which provide premium nourishment to the skin. Nora boasts of anti-ageing properties, bringing long-lasting finesse to the skin. The exfoliating scrub has a mildly granular composition which makes it easy to remove dirt and maintain the natural skin glow. Nora - Haldi Chandan Face Scrub works best with the Aura- Haldi Chandan Face Pack to keep the skin clean and bright all day long.

Shine with Nora Exfoliating Scrub

  • Leaves the skin glowing and nourished
  • Provides protection against facial breakouts and inflammations
  • Cools down the skin and helps in soothing stressed areas
  • Our haldi chandan scrub helps in combating excessive tanning and dead skin cells
  • Has anti-aging properties on regular use, keeping the skin toxin-free, soft and young

How to Apply

Dampen your face with some water. Squeeze out the desired amount of Nora- Haldi Chandan Face Scrub onto your palm and gently scrub your face for 2-3 minutes. Wash it off with cold water and dry your face gently with a towel.



  • A patch test is recommended before using the product. If you notice any irritations or allergies after the application, immediately stop and consult a dermatologist.
  • Nora is a 100% organic product with no added chemicals. If you notice some discolouration over time, it is only because of the natural blend of the product. But no need to worry! Nora’s quality and effectiveness on your skin to protect you.
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