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KAYA - The Hair nourishing oil

KAYA - The Hair nourishing oil

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Strengthen Your Hair With Kaya Coconut Hair Oil

Hair has always been an integral part of one’s identity. The way one styles and maintains it is a great insight into one’s personality as well. But as much as we are always willing to keep up with the latest trends and experimentation with various styles and products, they deserve the utmost care and nourishment. Our hair faces the brunt of countless harmful chemicals in shampoos, hair products and even air- which at many times is polluted.

Kaya: The Hair Nourishing Oil is a one-stop solution for all your woes.  Kaya makes sure that your hair remains soft, manageable and damage-free. The oil has a base of four great ingredients which are the epitome of natural haircare- Coconut, Almond,  Jojoba and black Til oil. Bringing together the best of these, Kaya is a blend rich in Vitamin E enriched with Methi seed oil and Hibiscus oil to give you that extra nourishment. This helps in controlling scalp damage and drastically improves hair quality. It maintains the original lustre of the hair and keeps the strands smooth and tangle-free. Since it is free from any chemicals and waxes, it can be used across all ages, and in all seasons.

Activating Kaya’s goodness

  • Acts as a natural conditioner
  • Provides nutrition to hair follicles and promotes hair growth
  • It is a natural protector of hair which provides a barrier to external pollution
  • keeps the hair strands smooth and lustrous
  • Great source of Vitamin E which helps in improving hair quality and scalp damage
  • Controls hair loss
  • It combats dandruff, flakes, and itchiness

How to apply

Squeeze an ample amount of Kaya oil onto your scalp and massage gently for 4-5 minutes. Leave the oil on the scalp for 30 minutes before washing it off for best results.


    • A patch test is recommended before using the product. If you notice any irritations or allergies after the application, immediately stop and consult a dermatologist.
    • Kaya is a 100% organic product with no added chemicals. If you notice some discolouration over time, it is only because of the natural blend of the product. But no need to worry! Kaya’s quality and effectiveness are there to protect you.
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