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Face Cleansing Combo

Face Cleansing Combo

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Ebon Charcoal Scrub + Cara Charcoal Face Pack + Myra- The Nutmeg nutrition for skin

The face cleansing combo of Me and Earth is your ultimate solution for face care. Me and Earth’s face care products are 100% natural and skin-friendly. This face cleansing combo pack includes the best face care products of Me and Earth and offers a complete range of face care products from scrubs, packs and essential oils.

The face cleansing combo pack comprises one pack of Ebon-The Activated Charcoal Scrub, one pack of Cara-The Activated Charcoal Face Pack and one pack of Myra – The Nutmeg nutrition for skin.

  • Ebon charcoal scrub composition is porous and slightly granular, which helps to exfoliate skin and remove dirt and pollution from the core.
  • Me and Earth’s Ebon face scrub is made with 100% natural ingredients and contains no chemicals. The Ebon charcoal scrub works best with the Cara face pack.
  • Cara face pack is made with pure activated charcoal and helps nourish your skin and rejuvenate its natural glow.
  • The Cara face pack has 100% natural charcoal and no chemicals. This face pack suits all skin types and all age groups.
  • Myra is a skin care essential oil made with 100% natural Jojoba oiland enhanced with Nutmeg extracts. It does not contain any chemical and is safe for all skin types.
  • This multipurpose essential oil has loads of benefits for your face skin. It can help heal skin scars, provide a protective layer and reduce blemishes and other marks.
  • Myra contains goodness of both Jojoba and Nutmeg and deeply nourishes your skin. It easily goes deep inside the skin, deeply nourishes and gives a lustrous glow. It makes your face glow and flawless. Regular use of Myra helps to reduce butterfly marks, hyper pigmentation, discoloration etc.
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