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Classic Charcoal Combo

Classic Charcoal Combo

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Ebon-The Activated Charcoal Scrub + Cara- The Activated Charcoal Face Pack

Me and Earth offers an alluring Activated Charcoal Combo where you can get complete activated charcoal care for your face and body. Activated charcoal is a natural cleanser that helps to clean your skin from the core and remove dirt and pollution that harm your skin. Today we live in a world full of pollution and lifestyle stress and activated charcoal help to make your skin healthy, glowing and flawless by boosting skin health naturally. Charcoal scrub and packs at Me and Earth are made with pure activated charcoal and do not have any chemicals.

  • The activated charcoal combo comprises one pack of Ebon charcoal scrub and one pack of Cara charcoal face pack.
  • Ebon–activated charcoal face scrub is made with pure activated charcoal and have no harmful chemical. The face scrub's composition is extremely porous and helps in skin exfoliation naturally.
  • Skin exfoliation boosts blood circulation and oxygen levels in the skin, and your face feels glowing and radiant without any artificial skin glow enhancers.
  • Cara by Me and Earth is a natural face pack made with pure activated charcoal. Charcoal is a natural cleanser with cooling properties making it an ideal solution for destressing and rejuvenating the skin.
  • The Cara Charcoal Face Pack contains pure activated charcoal that cleanses your skin deeply and removes dirt and pollution.
  • It helps to rejuvenate your skin and nourish it from the core and does not have any chemicals and therefore suits all skin types.

And when you use Ebon charcoal scrub followed by Cara Charcoal Face Pack, you can get the best results and prevent oily, sticky and dull skin. It also helps you fight skin issues like acne, pimple, blemishes and blackheads.

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